Freud on Holiday

Based on Freud's travels and his 56 letters and 189 postcards of travel correspondence Sharon Kivland’s beautifully written and printed trilogy, Freud on Holiday, published by information as material, re-imagined these trips through reconstruction. For her extensive art pieces on Freud, Kivland works closely with the Freud Museum in London. Four appendices zoom in on Freud’s memories about his holidays. Below follows an excerpt from Appendix 1: Freud's Weather.

From Freud on Holiday, Appendix I: Freud's Weather:

Lovely and hot.
– Florence, 6 september 1896

The sky [...] incomparable!
– Maloja, 13 August 1898

It is almost delightfully warm [...] a marvellous light.
– Rome, 3 September 1901

Splendid weather.
– Verona, 5 september 1905

The sun delicious and the sea divine.
– Rapallo, 17 september 1905

The weather has become even more magnificent.
– Rome, 24 september 1907

Very fine.
– Southport, 5 september 1908

A gentle breeze blows [...] this blue sky.
– Salò, 23 september 1908

It is good weather, hot.
– Lake Placid, 15 september 1909

The weather here is divine.
– Rome, 7 september 1910

The cover of Appendix IV: Freud's Shopping:

Sharon Kivland's volumes II & III of Freud on Holiday are published by Cube Art Editions, Athens. The upcoming volume IV will be published in November: Freud on Holiday. Volume IV. A Cavernous Defile. Foreword by Forbes Morlock.